Custom Lanyards

While all our printed lanyards are customised with your print, we can work with you to create a truly custom product, for applications far beyond the standard uses of a lanyard. Our custom products are made exactly to your specification, and have been used for a wide variety of applications, from museum audio systems or connecting to PDA's for in-flight duty free sales, to attaching a fishing net on to an angler, we can work with you to create whatever you need.

Custom Lanyards Get a quote or free sample!

If you are looking for our standard printed custom lanyards, please click here - Printed Lanyards

We can design and manufacture custom lanyards for specialist commercial purposes. We have made specialist lanyards for attaching to PDAs, handheld scanners & specialist audio devices.

We can produce lanyards with multiple safety breaks (the most we've done is 5) for high risk locations eg prisons.

We can make them long, short, thick, thin - we can sew them into any form you want!

If you think you may require a lanyard for your product get in touch. We will be only to happy to advise regarding design, fittings, size etc.

custom printed lanyard