Why You Need to Be Organised in Trade Shows

Trade shows are major dates in any company's diary. They offer a chance to reach the people that matter most to a company. A successful trade show is one where a company make lots of contacts and exchanges details, which eventually leads to sales and more business relationships. But it's never going to happen unless you're properly organised. If you are organising an event, you need to think of ways to make it easier. Read on for some useful information on how you can make this process that much easier by using lanyards.

Top Benefits of Proper Trade Show Organisation

  • - Make sure you have everything ready so you are not rushing around at the last minute.
  • - Look professional. There's nothing more embarrassing than running an event and other companies can see you are completely disorganised.
  • - Improve the experience of attendees. People appreciate it when they're well taken care of.

The number one way to ensure you reap all of these benefits is to go to trade shows yourself. Get some experience and you will soon see what you like and what you do not. Use these lessons - others probably are.

Identify Your Staff

In the scrum of a trade show, it is important that to pick people out of a crowd. One way to do this is by giving them a special staff lanyard. Make them stand out from the rest of the crowd by ensuring the lanyard they are wearing is in a particular colour scheme.

You can repeat this with a wristband or a slapband. Just make sure it's obvious. Bright colours work best for staff because it is unlikely that fluorescent orange and green will match anyone else's clothing.

Separating Trade Booths

If you are inviting other companies or exhibitions to your event, you should aim to give them a certain amount of space. You can do this by issuing lanyards and wristbands to the team members of each organisation. You might even want to issue colour codes for each area to make getting around the venue easier.

Furthermore, if any organisations are holding workshops, they can issue lanyards in their colours to make it clear who is representing them.

Before deciding on the right colours, speak to the companies in question. They will appreciate it if they have some input and have the opportunity to use their company colours.

Security Systems

Identification and being able to provide valid identification is a staple of any event. This goes for both staff and attendees. From music festivals to corporate conferences, it is common to see every participant receive some sort of silicon wristband or lanyard.

You should provide this facility to make sure nobody gains unauthorised entry to your event.

Making Introductions

The point of networking events is to meet new people and exchange contact details. A series of short conversations is what usually happens, with more detailed discussions happening of their own accord later on. Lanyards can make it easier to make those initial introductions because:

  • they come with names and the company the person comes from
  • you can place contact details on them to make it easier to exchange information
  • they are a good conversation starter if everyone has a unique type of lanyard.

Make a Custom Lanyard Today

Start the process of creating custom lanyards for your next event long before the start date. Create a number of designs and present them to a focus group so you go with the one you know works. Order in bulk and you can reduce the price significantly.

Being organised for an event has never been more important. If you want your next event to go off without a hitch, use all the tools at your disposal by ordering custom lanyards today!