The Toughest Outdoor Sports

While some people prefer to exercise inside where it's nice and warm - whether this is following a celebrity workout DVD at home or else in the gym pounding a treadmill - others prefer to get out and about and push themselves to extremes.

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Some adrenaline junkies relish the idea of being outside and pushing their bodies to the limit by competing in tough sports such as rock climbing, mountain biking and Nordic skiing. Below are some of the world's toughest sports.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing requires superb upper body strength and endurance, but it can be very dangerous. In fact, the fatality rate of this extreme sport is 145 per one million climbers. Rock climbing has become hugely popular in recent times thanks to climbing walls in gyms and the fact that it is now much easier to get started. For those who love heights and stunning views, this is the ideal sport.

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is not for the faint-hearted. This extreme sport requires nerves of steel as you travel at speed over rough terrain. Although not as dangerous as rock climbing in terms of the number of fatalities, the rate of injuries is substantially higher. Rocky surfaces and sharp turns can lead to quite a few accidents.

Open-Water Swimming

Swimming in the open waters is a tough and physical sport that requires an abundance of energy and plenty of stamina. It also needs mental endurance and the ability to face the enormous physical challenges that await in unknown waters. The injury rate is quite low in this sport, but there are still risks to be concerned about.

Nordic Skiing

As you would no doubt imagine, Nordic skiing can be very tough. It requires plenty of fitness because there is a lot of uphill skiing involved that requires the use of both arms and legs. It provides a full body workout and pushes the body to extremes.

Protecting Yourself During Tough Outdoor Sports

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