Pressure on Publishers as Google and Facebook Dominate Display Ad Market

Finding a way to successfully advertise your business without spending a fortune can be a difficult task. It is often one that many business owners choose to avoid for as long as possible...

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Advertising Options

Finding a way to successfully advertise your business without spending a fortune can be a difficult task. It is often one that many business owners choose to avoid for as long as possible.

However, here at, we believe that advertising should not be something to avoid; this is why we provide many effective ways to promote your products and services at affordable prices. Nevertheless, many businesses continue to pay extortionate prices for advertising through television, radio and now online media.

While most assume that the best method of advertising is on television, it would appear that more and more businesses are opting to advertise online nowadays.

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Mass Amounts of Pressure

A recent report has suggested that Facebook and Google will own more than 70% of all funds spent on display advertisement online in the UK by 2020. Both companies already own around three-quarters of the display ad market in the US, which is worth £18.4 billion, and 53% of the UK's £4 billion.

The increasing supremacy of these companies is putting tremendous pressure on publishers such as newspapers who have found it extremely challenging to maintain and increase revenue from online audiences as both advertising and print sales have decreased massively.

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Quite Concerning

A report by OC&C Strategy Consultants has predicted that Google and Facebook will grow around 24% together every year until 2020, which means that they will dominate the total ad market worth £4.1 billion by owning a massive 71% share; this figure is more than the total current value of display advertising in the UK.

Fergus Jarvis, OC&C partner, has explained that many publishers have been concerned about the impact that Google and Facebook may have and that the threat is "quite concerning". He said, "The scale and speed is really a call to action for media companies. By the time they [Facebook and Google] get to 70% of the online ad market, that doesn't leave a lot of space left elsewhere. A lot of usage is going in that direction [mobile devices]. We are now at a pivot point where the average UK adult is spending more time looking at mobile content than TV. We assume that that trend will continue."

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Sir Martin Sorrell, head of the world's largest advertising group WPP, said that this is a "clear example that referee and player can't be the same person and that marking your own homework doesn't work." Jarvis went on to say, "There's quite a lot of sniping around that particular Facebook story. It's not simple how you measure impact. Facebook are responding to some of the concerns. It's a foolish man who bets against Facebook being able to handle those complaints."

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Here at, we want you to know that you do not need to advertise online or on the television to increase your brand awareness. With our simple and affordable promotional products, you can generate interest in your products and services.

All our materials are top quality, and you can rest assured that you are purchasing your equipment from a reliable source. If you would like any further information, then please contact us today.

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Google and Facebook to take 71% of UK online ad revenue by 2020