Customising Sweatbands

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People on Treadmills

New Year Fitness Resolutions

Here at, we have a huge range of products that can be customised with a company logo or a specific message. One of our more popular products at a time of year when most people are getting back into their exercise and fitness regimes is our range of colourful sweatbands.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama Crimson Tide

If you would like to promote your business with a useful product, then head and wrist sweatbands are a perfect choice. If they are good enough for the Alabama Crimson Tide, then we are sure they are good enough for everyone.

American Football Player

Eddie Jackson and Shaun Dion

In a recent National Championship game, the American football team used customised sweatbands to honour two players who were out with injuries.

Each player on the field wore a customised sweatband embossed with the message "Do it 4 4 + SDH" to honour Eddie Jackson and Shaun Dion, neither of whom could make the game due to injury.


See How Ribbonworks Can Help You

If you believe that a customised sweatband could be used by your business to get a message across or to promote a new product or service, get in touch with us here at Ribbonworks today for a competitive quote or free sample.



Alabama honors Eddie Jackson, Shaun Dion with custom sweatbands