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Standard Clips

trigger clip

Trigger Clip

Our standard clip

mobile clip

Mobile Clip

For mobiles, USB flash drives etc

detachable mobile clip

Small Mobile Clip

A smaller version of the standard mobile clip

plastic clip

Plastic Clip

A lightweight clip

crocodile clip

Crocodile Clip

Good grip

dog clip

Dog Clip

More lightweight



Very secure

Safety First - Safety Breaks and Release Buckles

For lanyards used in schools, colleges, prisons etc we recommend fitting safety breaks - if the lanyard is yanked, these come apart at the neck.

safety break

Safety Break

A required Health and Safety requirement for many workplaces eg schools, hospitals, factories etc. Located at the back of the neck, or down the side. We can even fit multiple safety breaks for extra safety. Velco breaks also available.

release buckle

Release Buckle

Allows the clip part to be detached - handy if you have a card or keys attached to it. Deluxe metal versions also available.

Premium Clips/Attachments

multiple clip

Multiple Clip

Your choice of clips combined!

g clip

G Clip

Another chunky clip

lobster clip

Lobster Claw

A classy clip, a bit different

carabiner clip


Our biggest clip - very strong and stylish

bottle opener

Bottle Opener

Opens beer bottles - great for bars...and beer!

bottle holder

Bottle Holder

Fits most water bottles - great for festivals

bottle holder

Bottle Holder 2

Another bottle holder design

length adjuster


Can adjust the length of some lanyards

ski reel

Ski Reel/Yo Yo

Good for swipe cards - card be printed. Available separately

plastic clip


Popular with clubs / festivals