What's in a Name or Colour

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Colour Wheel

We use the phrase 'What's in a name?' to express the idea that name and reputation are important.

Whether you're talking about an individual, a company or an organisation, the way people perceive a name plays into their overall perceptions of whomever that name applies to. Guess what?

Colour can be equally important.

Colour vs Emotions Graphic

A quick perusal of our inventory demonstrates that we sell all our products in a wide range of bright colours. This isn't by accident. Ribbonworks.co.uk fully understands how colour influences decision-making.

For example, red is a colour usually associated with passion and intensity while blue tends to be more calming.

Lanyards in Rainbow Colours

When ordering promotional materials, it's important to remember that colour matters. If you're not sure what kinds of reactions certain colours evoke in people, do a little research before you order.

You might find that the right colour choice makes all the difference in the world in terms of your promotional efforts. Remember, it's not just what's in a name. Colour counts as well.

As part of our design service, we can advise on the best colour options for your chosen promotional products or how to best reproduce your corporate colours on a custom printed lanyard or other customised product. Talk to one of our team today to start the ball rolling!