How to Get Inventive with Promotional Products While Saving Money

Here at Ribbonworks, we know the benefits of promotional products for businesses that want to get their name into the public domain. If you are a business owner and are looking for cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness, we can help.

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Custom printed lanyards are a great way to raise the profile of a business without spending a lot of money. Not only can you give them to staff to hold their ID badges, improving safety and security in your workplace, but you can also have them printed with with your logo or message for giveaways to your customers or potential customers.

Conferences and Trade Shows

Maximise the exposure your brand gets at your trade events or conferences with custom printed lanyards. Not only do they provide attendees with a product with a superior look and feel in comparison to plain lanyards, but your customers or prospective customers leave your event carrying with them your message or brand.

How to Order

It is quick and easy to get a custom lanyard printed here at Ribbonworks, and our team of experts will assure you that these affordable items are a winner when it comes to raising your business profile. If you are having a special event or launching a product, use lanyards to get the message out.

Our custom printing service is also a cost-effective way to let customers know about upcoming events.

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