How to Utilise Branded Mobile Socks to Generate Business

Branded mobile socks go over your mobile to give it a unique look and texture. These are an affordable alternative for promotional branding. Studies have shown tools like this do much to generate business. We believe they should form an integral part of your marketing scheme.

Not convinced? We are going to show you how to use branded mobile socks to generate business.

Use It

The number one way to make branded mobile socks generate business is to use the mobile. The more people see it, the more likely they are to catch wind of your brand.

They may not ask about the sock, but they will see it. The chances are that someone seeing it out on the street is going to be interested in the logo, or the name, or what it stands for. If you have a strong web presence, you will find your branded socks creating business for your company.

Send them to Customers

Don’t keep them all to yourself. The fastest way to distribute your brand is to send them out to customers. If you have a mailing list, you could send everyone on that list a free mobile sock. You could also send them out with every purchase made from your company for a limited time.

There are lots of ways you can run a successful promotion. Here are some ways of doing it:

  • Create a sense of urgency. Say that any orders in the next 48 hours will also come with a mobile sock. Run this promotion every week or two for a quick spike in sales.
  • Send mobile socks with other promotional items, such as lanyards and wristbands. Increase the value of your offerings.
  • Make up some special seasonal designs. For example, you may order some branded mobile socks complete with a Christmas theme.

Mobile Socks and Trade Shows

Promotional mobile socks at trade shows can either work really well or really badly. The problem with trade shows is that some are formal while others are not. Mobile socks are more of a casual item.

If you are attending a formal event, you may want to leave the mobile sock at the office and bring in a lanyard or a more professional branded item instead.

On the other hand, most events will work well with mobile socks. When you go to an event, follow the below tips to make the most of them:

  • Give one to each of your staff members to use as they go about their day-to-day networking.
  • Provide a case of them to hand out to other businesses. Small gifts like this are a fantastic way to make initial contact.
  • Consider providing mobile socks unique to each event to make the receivers feel extra special.

When designing your mobile socks for an event, it is essential that you add some form of contact to each one. This does not have to include everything, but a phone number or your website is critical.

Remember, most of the people you meet will have never heard of you before. Make it easy for them to remember you later.

Get the Right Design

Before you order anything, make sure you have the right design. The colours and the design should contrast with their surroundings.

If you are working at a trade show run by an organisation that uses bright blue heavily as part of their company colours, do not produce mobile socks in this same colour. Have something that contrasts with everything else. It’s your job to make your company stand out.

It is best to produce a number of design options that you can present to a panel of customers and employees. Their feedback is invaluable at this stage in the process.

Get the design right and wait for the leads to flow in!