Digital Ad Spending to Rocket By the End of 2016

Advertising is an important aspect of doing business, and it can often lead to great success. Advertising can, however, be extremely expensive; for many businesses wishing to compete, it is not always feasible for them to splurge on this expensive advertising content. Instead, they will spend their funds on different forms of advertising - such as digital ad spending, for example.

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Growth in Revenues for Facebook and Google

Digital ad spending is predicted to grow by an enormous 12% by the end of 2016. Social media sites are ahead of the game already in this respect. Facebook, for example, is expecting to see its revenues grow by over 30% while growth for Google will increase nearly 14%.

These Google figures are impressive if you consider that back in February, eMarketer predicted that Google's revenue growth would only peak at half of that number.

Google has an expected net revenue of £3.8 billion from ad revenues in 2016 alone. This accounts for approximately 40% of all funds spent on digital advertising in the UK. Facebook has also launched new ads in mobile news feeds as well as updated ad formats on Instagram (which it owns), from which the company is greatly benefiting. These changes alone will rack up £1.19 billion net digital ad revenues for 2016.

Flop for Twitter

One of Facebook's largest rivals, Twitter, is not doing so well. Twitter's digital ad revenue was expected to grow by 31%, but slow growth during the second quarter of 2016 meant that the digital ad revenue only saw a 13%.

Twitter is only expected to have a net ad revenue of just over £153 million for the entire year, a measly figure compared to Facebook's £3.8 billion.

Advertising Without an Extortionate Price

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