5 Awesome Uses For Lanyards

Lanyards have long been the perfect promotional tool to market a company. It is an ideal method of personal branding and it has proven results. There is a variety of ways in which you can use lanyards, though. If you have never incorporated them into your marketing efforts before, or you want some great ways in which to use them, read on.

1. Give Them to Employees

The first step to take full advantage of lanyards is to give them out to your employees. The chances are they have to wear identification and security cards anyway. Request that they use the branded lanyard rather than something plain.

Some of the advantages of this include:

  • Workers will feel a close bond with the company they’re working for – they help to promote team spirit.
  • Customers are going to notice the various logos and brand names. It’s a subtle way of marketing. You are not being too direct, which is a positive thing.
  • They are practical and comfortable.

2. Bring Them to Networking Events

As a business, you will attend a range of trade exhibitions and networking events. First of all, you need to have every member of the team wearing a lanyard or the reasons above. This is particularly valuable when introducing yourself to companies that have never heard of you before.

Nevertheless, you can go one step further.

Rather than wearing them yourself, distribute them as part of a goodie bag. This is no different to distributing cardholders, pens, silicon wristbands, key rings, and branded notepads. It will further reinforce the name of your company, as well as providing items people actually use.

If you are worried about the cost of handing out a lot of lanyards, order them in bulk. Most companies will give you significant discounts on bulk orders.

3. Make a Promotion

Sometimes it is good to give back without expecting anything tangible in return. Send the lanyards out as promotional items for a limited time to all customers who purchase one of your products or services.

It’s just a little way to say thank you. While you will not get anything physical in return, gestures like this can turn one-time or infrequent customers into loyal, long-term customers. In the highly competitive world of business, this could keep your company afloat during tough times when new customers are at a premium.

You can get as creative as you want with promotions. Many companies will produce a range of designs in order to give them out at specific times of the year. For example, you may want to develop a Christmas lanyard or an Easter lanyard, etc.

4. Use Them Practically

What we love about lanyards is that they are so much more than something to market your brand. It’s easy to use them around the office. Here are some practical uses for lanyards:

  • Hanging keys for general use in a communal location.
  • Keeping track of USB sticks. If you’ve ever mislaid a USB stick, you know how valuable this solution could be.
  • Attach a business card holder to the end of one.

5. Exchange Contact Details

There is nothing more irritating than scrambling for a crumpled business card or hastily writing something down on the back of a sheet of paper. Lanyards can hold contact information when you need to exchange details with a client.

There are two options here.

  • Attach a stack of business cards in a holder to the lanyard so they don’t get lost. Whip one out and hand it over.
  • Have your contact details printed onto the lanyard itself. That way you are never stopping to remember that phone number or the right email address.

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Tool

Lanyards should be part of any company’s arsenal. They’re so beneficial due to being both promotional and practical. What’s more, they’re cheap and easy to make. Even high-quality lanyards will not cost the earth to have made.

Test out lanyards to see how they work best for your company.